Earth Hour  

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Earth Hour Report from Sleman, Gandhok, Yogyakarta.

As I am writing this post, I just turned off the lamps in my home, including tv. I am wondering what happens with my neighbours.

I step out and take a look. Hmmm, only me that shut off the lamps. The other houses stil a lighting from electricity. I wonder wheter or not this happens at other location.

For me, at least I am supporting what is good for this planet.

Now 20.40, still only my home in the dark. I am typing this in my terrace, with my laptop and sierra AT&T.

Thinking about how this planet colapsing today, and also how the people doesn't care about global warming, I am a little bit skeptical on this effort. Just take a look at how the people burned forest everyday, and how we consume fuel. Also there is no significant invention on how to substitute fuel into a greener source.

I read about HHO, or water fuel, but there and there, it never becomes a serious effort in a state of world institution. The issue is that the oil company stands behind all of the blocking on mass production of waterfuel. The reason is classic, economicaly politics. Well, I am not expert in this kind of discussion, but I hope that every effort to substitute any fuel that makes this earth becomes burnt has to be supported. I am supporting this, eventhough only in my thought, not yet in action because of my disadvantages. I am nobody. Don't have power, don't have money, only praying.

I am looking at my watch. 20.50. Ok, 20minutes passing.

I am not able to calculate how many saving resulting this earth hours from all of the world…… Does this effort really give a significant effect on global warning? Does this effort really reduce the operational cost on electricity? I really sure yes if what happens in my place does not happens in other places.

Stop global warming, act locally, think globally.

Yes, I am supporting earth hours.

Continue on SEO  

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SEO -Search Engine Optimization, is a must for anyone who blogging, websiting, ecommercing, affiliating, etc. For the oldies, there is no problem for doing this kind of activity. A newbie like me, instead of lacking in IT knowledge, also it is a brand new fields. There are many sources outhere, for unorganized person like me, the more the sources, the more it becomes complicated.
For me, I know that if I am frustrated from where I began, I will not arrived into my goals.
Then for me the best way is just to write and do what it comes in my mind.

I dont care if there is steps that I skipped away. I believe that someday, somewhere, I will fix it anyway.
That is how I overcome of my lack in organizing everything. Somebody has its own talent. For me, it is a beauty to find anything in my desk. I know that everything is in my desk. It gives me a feeling of secure. I don't care when I have to flip around anything in my desk to find what is needed, the only I do care is that it already there in my desk. I just have to find it.
That is how I organize my self, I named it as "A management in an unmanage way". Foolish ya....
Why?.... because it is still better than any organized person that makes plan for anything in a neat organizer but never comes into action.
I just doing what I think it is worth to do now. And I am not feeling stressed when doing this, because I know that what is done now is the best things I can do.

Now back to SEO-ing my blog.

in the previous post, I wrote about making dummy blogs/sites. Since it is a kind of diary, now I told you what I have done in these days.
I am learning on how to make a blog by using wordpress. What do you think? Okay... okay....
you must be thinking of why I am learning everything and not focusing on what it is in front of me now. You know as I write an introduction above, I am happy with what I am doing, so just it.
Maybe sometimes it occurs in my mind that I am comparing one cms to another. (as you know that instead using blogger, I also making a site -not yet finished- with Joomla! platform.) And now I am learning WP.
Well let me tell you when I first time installing this platform in my local server.
It seems to be light, fast, and easy.
Of course compares with Joomla and bloggers, I don't find any difficulties either. But for the looking,..... it amazed me. It realy cool. It realy simple. Joomla is simple too. Blogger also simple too, but the way it looks, its appearance.... it is so cute.
I am not yet installing all the needed plugin, but It is so easy to install.
Yeah.. this is the end of the post.... I am not telling the techy-techy things, just telling what is coming up in my fingers, and followed by my brain.

To be continued.........................


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Yesterday I went to Depok beach, a 25 kilometres south from Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, an ordinari beach, I think. Nothing special...unless the food.
Yeah at this beach you can choose by yourself what fish you want to eat, and to be served by fried, roasted, steamed. You just order!!
After eating we went to the coast, a friend brought a plastic ball. We arranged to play football. Not more than 5 minutes, I feel something strange...
My vision spinkled down... pyur..pyur..pyur... whoooo... what happened????? i thought...
As quick as possible, I kneltdown, holding my knees, close my eyes then inhaled a deep breath for awhile... trying opening my eyes.. hmmhhh still dark....
Again closing my eyes... taking a deep breath, hold.....count into 4, release..... I repeated 10 times...
Now again I tried opening my eyes.. phufff.... I got my vision.. clearly seen my friend still playing football, didnt know what happened to me..
Slowly I walked to a rotten papaya hump, sit and again repeating taking deep breath several times.
Then, I walked back to the stall.....

Create dummy blogs to increase quality link  

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Yesterday I went to gramedia bookstore. I read a book on how to seo –ing, a how to – book. It was written many things, such as:

  • Build quality content, update it continuesly
  • Submitt it to social bookmark
  • Build quality backlink, from high pagerank website
  • Build quality link by creating some dummy blogs
  • Optimizing keyword, placement strategy of keyword, optimizing h1, h2, h3, h4, h5
  • Analyzing website competitor using seoquake, take a look at the #1 website, use it as a model, then make it better on your website.

Today I am implementing one of the aboves advices, which I choose to build some dummy blogs.

I have account on blogger, then I create some other blog such as ; I also consider to create some website out of blogger by using free hosting service. I choose byethost and 000webhost, since those hosting provider don't push any ads from their script, and those free hosting provider give the same facilities as paid hosting provider.

Unfortunatelly, when I am trying installing joomla in 000webhost, the fantastico installer just can not work. They said that they are configuring new scripts installer for a better facilities and service. To get a full feature fantastico installer it is suggested upgrading to a premium account. (??? :P) So, I have not yet install any website in this hosting.

I have no problem installing Joomla in byehost.

I remember that there is a free domain also, then I go to free domain provider:

I want to know whether my choice to use all of free provider will give a good result or not, but since I am a learner, it is worth to try. Here is the result:

Hmm.. still far away from finish..

To be continued……

Crazy Indonesia  

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Let's take a look at the crazy things in Indonesia.

Yogyakarta, 1992 before general election at campaign session, it was prohibited for a campaign participant to use motorcycle without a muffler - noisy - . In one occasion, participant of a campaign party used a tape recorder that sounded a recorded of noisy non muffler motorcycle.

Musical industry. Eventhough every 1 original recorded album sold, there has 13 hajacked album was sold,
still this industry is not death. Even many more new band group is hoping to be known and famous and also trying to earning from this industry.

Economic crisis. Indonesia, eventhough many economic theories applied, the crisis still not passed. The more crazy fact is even Indonesia was hit by bad economic crisis, this country is not going into shattered yet.

A defeated regent candidate was sent to hospital after being divorced by his wife who upset of his husband unpaidable debt. He put all of his borrowing money from bank to nominating himself for a regent position in East Java. He was defeated, lost all of his money and also his wife. He is now knocking around.

Joko Triyono, a teacher who creates Virtual Gamelan  

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Gamelan, a traditional pentatonis instrument from java, it is now becoming easier for student to study. An unpretentious teacher from Middle Java, a teacher of SMU Negeri Prembun, Kebumen, Jawa Tengah made it in virtual program.
He has a perspective that an essence of a performance truly don't have to dissappear, but the media can be changed to accomodate. That is the foundation for Joko Triyono ini creating a virtual gamelan program in a pc that becomes an education media in SMU NEGERI PREMBUN KEBUMEN.

"Its media that changes, from a real gamelan instrument to pc"

Below was written by Madina Nusrat in Kompas, Saturday, March 21, 2009.
Virtual Gamelan made by Joko, an art teacher in SMU Negeri Prembun, is interesting. Gamelan performance usually using a set of gamelan that takes room and also wide hall, moved into a Flas Macromedia program in a size of 3,5 megabytes.
It only needs laptop or pc desktop to play. This virtual gamelan program can be brought to anywhere with only by save it to a memory card as USB flash disc, in a size of a thumb. People should not be difficult to bring a set of gamelan to play karawitan.
According to Joko, this program helps students to develope their interest and ability to create teamwork. Moreover, virtual gamelan program is based on computer where students comfortable with.

Since 2006, actually Joko had introduced this program. His invention awarded a silver medal for a creation of teacher competition that is held by Departemen Pendidikan.
But is is not well known because he was not publicating widely. Since 2007 he had only performed with his student three times to play gamelan virtual karawitan orchestra. The reason is the school where he teach wants that this digital version of traditional music program can be used maximally to develope students talent, moreover he has not found a software with rational price to protect his invention from hijacking.

SEO, a step forward  

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After getting indexed by google, I attempt to make this blog a step forward by trying to implement seo. First of all, I am a newbie in this field, so everyone who read this step , master in seo maybe' will laugh a lot by reading this post. But it is not a shame for me. Anyone who eager to help me, please just post a comment on this.
Here we go.....
I am trying to modify the title of this blog, since the adsense code in this blog only show a psa mode. Also I changed the description of this blog. Then it happens. The adsense shows as it is should be. I am happy......!!
Now I am thinking about what is the next step?
Well, I have read that it should be in the meta tag. well since I am not expert in this one, I should read some resources to make it good. Okay, this is the end of this post, I will read some article on it, surfing, searching and finally implement it.