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SEO -Search Engine Optimization, is a must for anyone who blogging, websiting, ecommercing, affiliating, etc. For the oldies, there is no problem for doing this kind of activity. A newbie like me, instead of lacking in IT knowledge, also it is a brand new fields. There are many sources outhere, for unorganized person like me, the more the sources, the more it becomes complicated.
For me, I know that if I am frustrated from where I began, I will not arrived into my goals.
Then for me the best way is just to write and do what it comes in my mind.

I dont care if there is steps that I skipped away. I believe that someday, somewhere, I will fix it anyway.
That is how I overcome of my lack in organizing everything. Somebody has its own talent. For me, it is a beauty to find anything in my desk. I know that everything is in my desk. It gives me a feeling of secure. I don't care when I have to flip around anything in my desk to find what is needed, the only I do care is that it already there in my desk. I just have to find it.
That is how I organize my self, I named it as "A management in an unmanage way". Foolish ya....
Why?.... because it is still better than any organized person that makes plan for anything in a neat organizer but never comes into action.
I just doing what I think it is worth to do now. And I am not feeling stressed when doing this, because I know that what is done now is the best things I can do.

Now back to SEO-ing my blog.

in the previous post, I wrote about making dummy blogs/sites. Since it is a kind of diary, now I told you what I have done in these days.
I am learning on how to make a blog by using wordpress. What do you think? Okay... okay....
you must be thinking of why I am learning everything and not focusing on what it is in front of me now. You know as I write an introduction above, I am happy with what I am doing, so just it.
Maybe sometimes it occurs in my mind that I am comparing one cms to another. (as you know that instead using blogger, I also making a site -not yet finished- with Joomla! platform.) And now I am learning WP.
Well let me tell you when I first time installing this platform in my local server.
It seems to be light, fast, and easy.
Of course compares with Joomla and bloggers, I don't find any difficulties either. But for the looking,..... it amazed me. It realy cool. It realy simple. Joomla is simple too. Blogger also simple too, but the way it looks, its appearance.... it is so cute.
I am not yet installing all the needed plugin, but It is so easy to install.
Yeah.. this is the end of the post.... I am not telling the techy-techy things, just telling what is coming up in my fingers, and followed by my brain.

To be continued.........................

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