Earth Hour  

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Earth Hour Report from Sleman, Gandhok, Yogyakarta.

As I am writing this post, I just turned off the lamps in my home, including tv. I am wondering what happens with my neighbours.

I step out and take a look. Hmmm, only me that shut off the lamps. The other houses stil a lighting from electricity. I wonder wheter or not this happens at other location.

For me, at least I am supporting what is good for this planet.

Now 20.40, still only my home in the dark. I am typing this in my terrace, with my laptop and sierra AT&T.

Thinking about how this planet colapsing today, and also how the people doesn't care about global warming, I am a little bit skeptical on this effort. Just take a look at how the people burned forest everyday, and how we consume fuel. Also there is no significant invention on how to substitute fuel into a greener source.

I read about HHO, or water fuel, but there and there, it never becomes a serious effort in a state of world institution. The issue is that the oil company stands behind all of the blocking on mass production of waterfuel. The reason is classic, economicaly politics. Well, I am not expert in this kind of discussion, but I hope that every effort to substitute any fuel that makes this earth becomes burnt has to be supported. I am supporting this, eventhough only in my thought, not yet in action because of my disadvantages. I am nobody. Don't have power, don't have money, only praying.

I am looking at my watch. 20.50. Ok, 20minutes passing.

I am not able to calculate how many saving resulting this earth hours from all of the world…… Does this effort really give a significant effect on global warning? Does this effort really reduce the operational cost on electricity? I really sure yes if what happens in my place does not happens in other places.

Stop global warming, act locally, think globally.

Yes, I am supporting earth hours.

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