Manohara vs Tengku Fakhry  

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It is a hot headline on almost every media. A young wife that ran away from her husband Tengku Fakhry, a prince from Kelantan, Malaysia. The issue is that Manohara received harshness from her husband Tengku Fakhry.
I thought that the problem is so complicated.
First, the marriage.. It was 16 years old of Manohara when she married with Tengku Fakhry. Based on this, instead of what is the motive behind this--I mean money maybe... I her so young, of course Manohara did not have yet mature emotional decision. Psychologicaly she was not prepared enaugh for this marriage. How can a 16 years old girl ready for a special marriage - due to she married with a malay prince- in which from perspective of cultural background should be a big problem for her.
Second, we can see and hear from media that both side claims the truth. When Daisy said about something, someone from kelantan side counter backed about what was said by Daisy. It will not solved if they are not come into a desk, with mediator maybe, to discuss what the problem is..
I also see that people who speak does not make it better, they just make it worst, for example a man called sobri... It seems that he just counter everything... I don't know, why not Tengku Fakhry itself that speaks to media. What kind of man he is... always hide behind someone.
Third, Daisy Fajarina... why she let her daughter to marry in such a young age? Any motives?
Finally, if not said as conclussion, I think the easiest solving is just Tengku Fakhry divorce Manohara, and also said nothing as usual, then Manohara also just keep silent, keep moving forward in her life, left behind everything related to her bad marriage, get away sobri, get away datok kadarsyah, get away barisan merah putih....
Of course it is not that easy. It must be a resentment, in both side. Also in this case, usually people involved in this matter such as sobri, I am sure he will not accept this condition, based on what he has done before.

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