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Gamelan, a traditional pentatonis instrument from java, it is now becoming easier for student to study. An unpretentious teacher from Middle Java, a teacher of SMU Negeri Prembun, Kebumen, Jawa Tengah made it in virtual program.
He has a perspective that an essence of a performance truly don't have to dissappear, but the media can be changed to accomodate. That is the foundation for Joko Triyono ini creating a virtual gamelan program in a pc that becomes an education media in SMU NEGERI PREMBUN KEBUMEN.

"Its media that changes, from a real gamelan instrument to pc"

Below was written by Madina Nusrat in Kompas, Saturday, March 21, 2009.
Virtual Gamelan made by Joko, an art teacher in SMU Negeri Prembun, is interesting. Gamelan performance usually using a set of gamelan that takes room and also wide hall, moved into a Flas Macromedia program in a size of 3,5 megabytes.
It only needs laptop or pc desktop to play. This virtual gamelan program can be brought to anywhere with only by save it to a memory card as USB flash disc, in a size of a thumb. People should not be difficult to bring a set of gamelan to play karawitan.
According to Joko, this program helps students to develope their interest and ability to create teamwork. Moreover, virtual gamelan program is based on computer where students comfortable with.

Since 2006, actually Joko had introduced this program. His invention awarded a silver medal for a creation of teacher competition that is held by Departemen Pendidikan.
But is is not well known because he was not publicating widely. Since 2007 he had only performed with his student three times to play gamelan virtual karawitan orchestra. The reason is the school where he teach wants that this digital version of traditional music program can be used maximally to develope students talent, moreover he has not found a software with rational price to protect his invention from hijacking.

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