Crazy Indonesia  

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Let's take a look at the crazy things in Indonesia.

Yogyakarta, 1992 before general election at campaign session, it was prohibited for a campaign participant to use motorcycle without a muffler - noisy - . In one occasion, participant of a campaign party used a tape recorder that sounded a recorded of noisy non muffler motorcycle.

Musical industry. Eventhough every 1 original recorded album sold, there has 13 hajacked album was sold,
still this industry is not death. Even many more new band group is hoping to be known and famous and also trying to earning from this industry.

Economic crisis. Indonesia, eventhough many economic theories applied, the crisis still not passed. The more crazy fact is even Indonesia was hit by bad economic crisis, this country is not going into shattered yet.

A defeated regent candidate was sent to hospital after being divorced by his wife who upset of his husband unpaidable debt. He put all of his borrowing money from bank to nominating himself for a regent position in East Java. He was defeated, lost all of his money and also his wife. He is now knocking around.

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