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After getting indexed by google, I attempt to make this blog a step forward by trying to implement seo. First of all, I am a newbie in this field, so everyone who read this step , master in seo maybe' will laugh a lot by reading this post. But it is not a shame for me. Anyone who eager to help me, please just post a comment on this.
Here we go.....
I am trying to modify the title of this blog, since the adsense code in this blog only show a psa mode. Also I changed the description of this blog. Then it happens. The adsense shows as it is should be. I am happy......!!
Now I am thinking about what is the next step?
Well, I have read that it should be in the meta tag. well since I am not expert in this one, I should read some resources to make it good. Okay, this is the end of this post, I will read some article on it, surfing, searching and finally implement it.

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