Paid to review, a starting point.  

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A few days ago, I read an article in a blog, saying that there is an opportunity to get some money from an activity called paid to review.
Then I started to try for the sake of may be I can get some money from it.
The first attempt for me is building a blog.
The blog that post about paid to review said that someone has to have blog that having page rank of minimal 3.
So because recently I don’t have any blog , I try to make a blog from
Then I make some posting of that. I plan to have about 10 posts, then after that I should submitt my blog into social bookmark. I plan to submit it into a 250 bookmark. Is it posibble? I don’t know, but don’t worry, I have many time, because of my status now. Psst… I am now jobless….
This post is the 4th post.
I have collected some useful sources such as site that have program paid to review, there are about 30 something paid to review. Even I found that there is a site that paid a review for someone without having any blog.
I also have listed a total 250 bookmark that where I will submit my blog.
This post will be continued along with this blog on its developing process. Let's see the result.

Plan for tonight:
- Submit to social bookmark -target: 10 social bookmark
- Ping
- Prepare for the next post.

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